Sound Design Studios

Our studios comprise of two acoustically engineered and isolated edit rooms for critical listening and mixing.

Studio A is built around a Pro Tools Ultimate and 5.1 Genelc One system.

Perfect for Commercial and Television mixing or Feature/short film pre-mixing.

The suite offers calibrated monitoring at various industry standards through a dedicated SPL monitor control system.

Studio B houses an edit suite and isolation Booth, Perfect for any type of vocal recording requirements.

We specialise in Voice over recording for Broadcast Advertising, Branded content, Radio, Audio books and Animation. We also offer VO to pictures, including ADR services for the film and television industries. We have synced picture for both client/talent and can also offer, phone hookup and skype services for remote recording and monitoring

We use state of the art professional equipment including:

Avid and Universal audio convertors
Genelec monitoring
Avalon and Universal audio microphone preamps
A range of Microphones from Neuman, AKG, Schoeps, DPA and Sennheiser.