Location Recording

We offer a range of location audio services for the Film, Television, Branded content and advertising sectors. Whether it’s Narrative, VR or surround, TVC, PTC,Vox pops or simply PA systems for playback. We have you covered.

We use only the most professional equipment including:

  • Sound devices 833 and 633 mixer/recorders
  • Schoeps CMC6MK41 x 2 and Sennheiser 416 boom microphones
  • Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems with DPA 4060 and 6060 series lapel microphones
  • Rode Ambisonic microphone for immersive formats with dedicated¬†Sound devices Mix pre 6 recorder.
  • Tentacle timecode
  • Ambient smart slate
  • Lectrosonics IFB and client receivers
  • Lectrosonics and sennheiser mono/stereo scratch or links kits
  • JBL full range stereo PA playback system

Some of our previous clients include:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • Courtney Barnett
  • Breville
  • City of Melbourne
  • The Australian Ballet
  • Air Crash Investigation
  • The NBL
  • Ferrari
  • T2