The Peeps

Ryan Granger

Sound Designer/Mixer/Editor/Location Audio

An Award winning, multi disciplinary sound designer with a background in the sound arts. His work has been heard around the globe from commercials, games, television and feature films. With a long standing passion for immersive environments his ongoing focus tends to sway to new innovations in audio technology such as Dolby Atmos, XR/VR and gaming.
Notable work: Time Addicts (2023), The Future of Everything (2022), Anonymous Club (2021),  Relic (2020), Sesame Street (various segments), Lost and Found (2018 academy award shortlisted)

Johnsen Cummings

Sound Designer/Editor/Composer

Johnsen Cummings is a Naarm (Melbourne) based audio engineer, sound designer and musician. After studying audio engineering and sound design at RMIT University for a number of years, he developed a passion for immersive soundscapes and visceral sonic exploration. During his time at Dead On Sound he has worked on various films, tv shows, games and corporate campaigns – specialising in sound effects and dialogue editing. In addition to his post-production work, he also regularly records and plays with several bands and artists in the local music scene.