The Peeps

Ryan Granger

Sound Designer/Mixer/Editor/Location Audio

An Award winning, multi disciplinary sound designer with a background in the sound arts. His work has been heard around the globe from commercials, games, television and feature films. With a long standing passion for immersive environments his ongoing focus tends to sway to new innovations in audio technology such as Dolby Atmos, XR/VR and gaming.
Notable work: Time Addicts (2023), The Future of Everything (2022), Anonymous Club (2021),  Relic (2020), Sesame Street (various segments), Lost and Found (2018 academy award shortlisted)

Johnsen Cummings

Sound Designer/Editor/Composer

Johnsen Cummings is a Naarm (Melbourne) based audio engineer, sound designer and musician. After studying audio engineering and sound design at RMIT University for a number of years, he developed a passion for immersive soundscapes and visceral sonic exploration. During his time at Dead On Sound he has worked on various films, tv shows, games and corporate campaigns – specialising in sound effects and dialogue editing. In addition to his post-production work, he also regularly records and plays with several bands and artists in the local music scene. 

Joel Taylor

Sound Designer/Engineer/Composer

Joel Taylor is an audio engineer and multi instrumentalist, happily exploring many avenues of audio manipulation across the entertainment industry.  Running a gamut of skills which includes: post production, live mixing, recording, performing musician, and running his own professional recording studio “The Black Lodge” Joel is comfortable bending audio in many capacities to ensure maximum connection between artist and audience.